Five Widespread Cancer Myths Debunked

The high-speed growth in cancer awareness lately has helped make individuals a great deal more informed of the signs and symptoms of the illness, as well as how to find it and have it addressed right away.

Despite all of the valuable information accessible to the general public, there is also a lot of information that is absolutely misinformed, which does nothing but create unneeded concern.

With the aim of fighting this false information, we have uncovered 5 so-called “facts” about cancer, and uncovered the reality.

1 – Deodorant

A number of individuals avoid buying certain antiperspirants and deodorants on account of the false impression that they can supposedly cause cancer. Some have claimed that harmful aluminium substances and parabens can enter the skin, and that nicks caused by shaving can worsen it. On the other hand, antiperspirants and deodorants have been found safe in many scientific analyses, and they include no carcinogenic elements that could potentially lead to the disease.

2 – Carrageenan

Though you might not know very much about carrageenan, likelihood is you’ve eaten some fairly recently. Made from a unique type of seaweed, carrageenan stabilizes food items and makes sure that their consistency and form remains appealing. In spite of what some say, there is no carrageenan cancer link. This misbelief has arisen because of there being two distinct types of carrageenan, degraded and undegraded. The degraded type is under no circumstances applied in food, as it is produced with strong acid. The undegraded sort is perfectly safe, which means you can enjoy foods containing carrageenan without any concern.

3 – Cellphones

A number of misinformed people believe that that regular cell phone use can encourage the growth of cancer tissue. It is correct that certain types of powerful radiation can potentially raise your risk of developing cancer, however the sort of rays released by cell phones is not nearly potent enough to do that.

4 – Sugar

The notion that eating sugar encourages the growth of cancer is another well-known misbelief. Volume of glucose Obviously, substantial sugar consumption can lead to being overweight, which does put you at an increased risk of cancer.

5 – Power Lines

Some individuals are distrustful of living in close proximity to power lines, thinking that they can cause the growth of malignant tissues. They believe a common misconception; power cables cannot encourage cancer growth. It is true that they produce electric and magnetic radiation, however its power is diminished by buildings and walls, and it is ultimately not nearly strong enough to have cancer-causing consequences. Because of this, being close to power lines really should not be a such a concern.

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How To Avoid Salmonella From Eggs

How To Avoid Salmonella From Eggs

What Is Salmonella?

Salmonella is a bacterium which has six subspecies and over 2500 serovars.  Salmonella is found in both warm blooded and cold blooded animals and it can cause illnesses such as typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever and food poisoning.  Since salmonella is a bacterium, you should do everything in your power to avoid this foodborne bacterium which might damage your health.

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Link Between Eggs and Salmonella

Learning how to reduce the dangers of contracting salmonella infection from eggs is really important, scenes eggs are one of the most nutritious foods.  Eggs which contain salmonella appear normal both on the outside and the inside. Especially if eggs are eaten raw or lightly cooked, the bacteria might survive and cause illnesses.

How To Reduce Risks of Salmonella Developing In Eggs

If you want to reduce the risks of the development of salmonella in eggs you should always process the eggs thermally prior to eating them and store them in the refrigerator. The low temperatures in the refrigerator prevent the bacteria from developing in eggs.  If the number of salmonella bacteria is high in the egg, the egg is more possible to cause illness.  If you store the eggs in the refrigerator, this will prevent the bacteria from growth and make it safe for use and consummation.  Also, even cooked eggs should be consumed promptly and not be held in hot temperatures for a longer period of time.  Furthermore, you should discard any cracked or a dirty eggs, and only buy eggs from stores or suppliers that keep them refrigerated.  Cook your eggs until they are thoroughly cooked, and this goes both for and the yolk and the egg white.  After using raw eggs you should wash your hands and food contact surface areas, and disinfect them with a sanitizing the agent.  By all means you should avoid to consummate raw or undercooked eggs, and especially it should be avoided by younger children and elderly, as well as for persons who have weakened immune system.

Do I Have Salmonella? What Should I Do If I Have Salmonella?

salmonella-masterIf you have salmonella infection, you will experience a fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea, anywhere between 12 to 72 hours after consummating food or beverage containing eggs which have been infected with salmonella bacterium.  The illness will typically last for four to seven days.  Most people are capable of recovering from salmonella infection without any antibiotic treatment, but in some cases a severe manifestation of diarrhea can occur, and it can be a reason for that person to be taken to a hospital for a proper treatment.  People who are particularly at risk of contracting the salmonella infection should definitely treat the illness promptly with antibiotics in order for the bacteria not to enter other parts of the body and spreads to the blood stream and other body sites. In particular young children, elderly and people with impaired immune system can experience symptoms of salmonella infection which are more severe.

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